Education, support & counseling for the breastfeeding mom









Education, support & counseling for the breastfeeding mom.



Welcome mama's! Thanks for visiting Milk&Mom.  You may be a first time mom trying to figure out if breastfeeding is right for you or you may have done this a million times but are having trouble for the first time. We welcome it all and want to come by your side to give you everything you need to build a great, healthy, long-term breastfeeding relationship with your baby.  

Home Consults

A one on one time with Kellye Skaer, CLC in location you are most comfy in.  Works through your concerns, struggles and specific breastfeeding issues. Consults range from 60-90 minutes.


Kellye Skaer & Kim Feuquay, DDS partner together to offer a class for our new mommies on breastfeeding during the first year of life. Contact Milk & Mom to get notifications for start date.


Kim Feuquay, DDS and Kellye are in the office 9-1 on Thursdays for our Tongue and Lip Tie babies at Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry. Call 832-521-9024 to get on our schedule.


Milk&Mom would love to hear from you!  We typically respond within 24-48 hours for general inquires and as soon as possible for moms with newborn breastfeeding issues.   








“I've been melted into something too easy to spill. I make more and more of myself in order to make more and more of the baby. He takes it, this making. And somehow he's made more of me too.”

Brenda Shaughnessy  |  Poet