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"Am I making enough milk? Is the baby getting enough? I'm not sleeping, eating, showering!!! My 3 year old is a nightmare when I am breastfeeding. The baby is screaming at every feed. My nipples look like they have been bitten by a dianosour. Is my baby tongue tied? Should I be pumping? How do I get ready for going back to work? How do I breastfeed and introduce solids?" The list is endless! At Milk&Mom we understand the concerns of a mommies heart. We understand that the "most beautiful time of your life" can also be the scariest, most confusing, and most frustrating, where you are completely and totally out of your ever-loving mind. A private consult is a time where you can be you with all your fears and concerns, and get real help. From the first days on the breast, to adding a second (or sixth!) baby, Milk&Mom will help you navigate through the challenges that come with building and maintaining a long-term, healthy breast-feeding relationship. 

Prenatally, I educate new moms on all things breastfeeding, help moms transition to more than one child, and create breastfeedng plans for the hospital. Postnatally, I help with latch, position, milk transfer, nipple issues, tongue and lip ties, milk supply, supplementation, breast pumps/ equipment, and counseling of the new mom. Consults can take place in your pajamas at home, in your favorite coffee shop, at a park where your littles can play, or our nursery at Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry. Consults range from a 60 min session to an hour a half session. The first consult is always in person, phone consults are available for moms who have already walked through an in person consult. 

Pricing: $85/hour $125/90 min

Patients of Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry Discount Pricing: $70/hour $90/90 min 

Milk&Mom will never turn a mom away due to finances. We are just so passionate about breastfeeding and community so if money is an issue, we will make another way for you. 




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