Meet Kim Feuquay, DDS

What a dream to partner with Dr. Kim Feuquay and the amazing team at Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry! Together we offer comprehensive care for the mom and baby who are struggling in their breastfeeding relationship due to tongue and lip ties.  In our amazing lactation office, we are able to assess, diagnose, and preform frenectomies using a quick and minimally invasive laser. We encourage and accept all referrals from Lactation Consultants, Pediatricians, OBGYNS, and Speech Therapists. I help asses mom and baby, help with latch and position post surgery, and do follow up care of you and your baby in office and/or home. Two of my babies had revisions done so I have both education and personal passion to help mom's through an often challenging breastfeeding relationship.  Our goal at Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry is to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals with your sweet new bundles! Thanks for letting us love on you and guide you through this process.

Dr. Kim completed her undergrad from OSU and in 1996 graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry.  She then attended UNLV to obtain her specialty license in Pediatric Dentistry. She is certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  I am convinced you will never meet anyone more in love with their job than Dr. Kim. She is gifted in making kids feel safe, loved, and well, her office is THE place to be. Your kids will beg to have birthday parties there it's so fun. Dr. Kim and her hubby Chris have 3 beautiful kiddos, Cole, Carly, and Caroline and a dog named Ally.  She has a deep passion for helping those in need, cookie baking & drives the coolest golf cart in town!

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Presentation of Tongue & Lip Ties

Are you concerned your baby has a tongue and/or lip tie? Here is an extensive list of problems that often present with ties from the leading Pediatric Dentist for frenectomies, Dr. Kotlow.

Mom: Creased/flat/blanched nipple after feedings, cracked/blistered/bleeding nipples, discomfort while nursing, plugged ducts, thrush/mastitis, sleep deprivation (due to baby not nursing efficiently therefor compensates by nursing more often).

Baby: Difficulty latching on or falls off breast easily, gumming or chewing the nipple while nursing, unable to hold a paci or bottle, gassy (often swallow a lot of air due to inability to maintain suction), poor weight gain, excessive drooling, baby not fully able to drain breast, choking on milk or popping off to gasp for air while nursing, falling asleep during feedings then waking a short while later to nurse again, sleep deprivation (because of frequent feedings), marathon nursing sessions, clicking noises while sucking, popping on and off breast often, biting, gap between teeth/jaw issues.


Pump & Equipment Rentals

Many moms who have babies with tongue and/or lip ties have lost momentum building their milk supply in the early days.  I am so thankful to have Cindy Barrick with A Mother's Touch as a resource for rental of hospital grade pumps. You can contact Cindy at 936.520.1668 or to inquire about her prices and rental policies. 

Partnering with Milk&Mom

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